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Evaluation of Suppliers and Sub-contractors

All Subcontractors are subject to a vetting procedure prior to commencing work on site to establish their financial standing and competency to safety undertake the work on site to a required quality and cost.

Suppliers: Purchases of materials or services that affect the quality of the Company’s service are made only from suppliers approved on the basis of one or more of the following:

  • Evidence of a satisfactory management system;

  • A quality, safety and environmental audit;

  • Satisfactory previous supply;

  • Client specification.

Each operation has a competent person who is responsible for assessing and approving the effectiveness of a supplier’s ability to meet the specified quality, technical, environmental, health & safety and commercial conditions of any process related contract. This person is also responsible for maintaining and updating the list of approved suppliers. Records of supplier performance are kept.

Purchases may be made from new suppliers, on a trial basis prior to formal approval.

A reassessment of the supplier is carried out:

  • If they fail to achieve the required standard of supply;

  • If there is a deterioration in the standard of service;

  • If they do not comply with appropriate health, safety and environmental standards;

  • If there is a change to the material, location or manufacturing process;

  • Annually prior to Management Review, based on nonconformity records.

Records of supplier selection and reassessment are maintained.

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