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Management Review

The Quality Policy and its operation are reviewed annually by the Senior Management Team to ensure its continued effectiveness in meeting the Company’s quality policies and objectives.

The management review covers an assessment of:

  • Results of audits or reviews:

    • internal;

    • customer;

    • third party audits;

    • environmental or health & safety review;

  • Client feedback;

  • Process performance;

  • An analysis of non-conformity and corrective and preventative action;

  • The need to increase preventative action;

  • Follow up actions from previous quality reviews;

  • The need for updating the Quality Policy as a result of changing market conditions and/or relevant legislation;

  • Supplier performance and the results of any audits;

  • Recommendations for improvement;

  • Objectives;

  • Incident reports.

The Senior Management Team reviews the information and produces an action plan. Reviews are recorded and the individual responsible for implementing the Quality Policy ensures any follow-up actions are assigned and effectively implemented within agreed time scales.

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