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Measurement, Analysis & Improvement

The Senior Management Team recognises the importance of client satisfaction to the long term development of the Company. Each project has a competent person who, at the completion of a contract, canvasses the client in order to obtain feedback relative to client satisfaction/complaints with all aspects of the service. The enquiry is designed to determine the client’s true perceptions of the services received and is used as a basis for continuous improvement.

This information is discussed at the management review meetings with a view to continually improving the service to clients.

The Director analyses data including business management costs, results of audits, supplier performance, any client feedback and complaints, system changes and corrective and preventive actions, changes in market (environmental, statutory and regulatory requirements, client requirement) for presentation at the management review meetings. The Senior Management Team review this information together with any need to update the Quality Policy as a result of changing market conditions, to evaluate the overall performance of the Company and its suppliers and for the Company’s future development.

The Quality Policy and its operation is reviewed annually by the Senior Management Team to ensure its continued effectiveness in meeting the Company’s Quality policies and objectives.

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